Sales of Apple's iPhone 3G in Russia are said to be poor, especially when considered against analyst's predictions prior to the device's launch at the start of October.

Only 30,000 devices were sold in Russia in the first 30 days of the device's official launch in the country.

Industry commentators have said that they do not see the sales levels improving: "If no measures are taken, the total sales of Apple's iPhone 3G in Russia will not exceed 50,000 pieces until the end of the year, including the New Year booming sales".

This contrasts with predictions before the device's launch that saw as many as 150,000 units shifted before the end of 2008.

Offered by multiple carriers in Russia, it's thought the main reason for the low sales is the amount of iPhones already available on the black market, with 100,000 said to be in use before the device's official debut.