Apple will add over the air podcast downloads and a more "polished" version of its App Store if rumours on the Internet are to be believed.

The leaked screenshots of the latest firmware show the new features of the next software update due for the iPhone: version 2.2.

According to German-language blog Flo's Weblog, the next software update for the iPhone will allow users to grab podcasts from the mobile iTunes Store over the phone's 3G connection.

The blog says that Apple will however limit direct downloads to podcasts 10MB in size or less to make sure the network isn't overloaded.

Appleinsider, who found the post on the German site, is posing a further question worth taking into account. Will "the feature will be restricted to iPhones on a 3G connection or if downloads can also be performed over an EDGE network".

The App Store, according to the stories, will get a more streamlined menu system that offers category menus allowing you to find applications quicker.

We will keep you posted.