Logic3 reckons it's got the iPod/ iPhone dock market covered with two new launches – which Pocket-lint got exclusive info on at the Digital Winter event in central London.

For £299.99, from early November, you’ll be able to buy the Valve 80 – a monster of a music system built around a vacuum tube amplifier and with piano black speakers.

The system delivers 40 watts of “clear, undistorted sound” either from your iPod and iPhone or you can use one of the two audio docks to connect the Valve to your TV, CD player or mixing decks.

If you don’t want to spend quite so much, but have an iPod or iPhone ready to dock – the £79 i-Station Rotate is going to be available from November.

What’s unique about this is the rotation system. This mechanism means that your iPod or iPhone can be turned on its side for better video viewing.

It is also compact at 31.5cm wide and 5.5cm thick.

Pics to follow.

We got our hands on both pieces of kit at the event so make sure you keep checking back for the vids.