Last time we came across the d3o crew, our very own Stuart Miles attacked one of them.

Granted, it was all to prove that the shock absorbing material, d30, provides complete protection from bumps - even, in this case, a tech journo with a spade.

Well they've made footballs, they've worked with biker gear designers, and now the d3o team has turned its attention to gadgets.

And the first launch is the iBand from Tech 21 and d3o - mooted as the ultimate protection for your iPhone.

Available exclusively from the Apple website from 20 August, the case incorporates a layer of d3o impact protection within the slim line band "to offer 100% more protection for your iPhone than conventional protective cases".

Here's the science bit - d3o is made from "intelligent molecules" that are free flowing at slow speeds so the material can then be soft and flexible but the second the molecules have to move quickly - namely when something whacks it - they lock together and become solid.

The iBand for the 3G iPhone will be available exclusively from the Apple website across 14 countries across Europe for £24.99.

It's initially available in black, but a white version will be launched in September.