Apple iPod touch and iPhone users can now stream music from their home computer officially thanks to a new app launched on the Apple App Store on Friday.

Called Simplify Media, the new application allows you to navigate artists, ablums and genre and works over Wi-Fi EDGE and 3G.

You will need to download a secondary application on your PC/Mac for the application to work.

Getting around DRM issues you'll be able to stream music from up to 30 friends rather than everyone in the world as well as being able to view album art if that's what gets you excited.

Earlier this month AppleInsider reported that Apple had patented a similar system that allows you to stream music from your home computer to your iPhone.

"New versions iTunes and the iPhone Software could theoretically eliminate this problem by syncing only the metadata - or tiny files containing the barebones attributes of each media item or playlist but not the content itself - from a user's iTunes library to their portable devices", the patent said.

It seems now you can, albeit not from Apple,