What better to mark the spirit of the Olympic games, with their ethos of inclusion, than a mobile phone none of us can afford.

Diamond jewelers, De Vere of London, have now unveiled the 88 diamond-studded Olympic iPhone to commemorate the event.

Apparently, the number 88 is considered to be a lucky number in China and also double 8 stands for double wealth, and so De Vere has decked this Apple iPhone 3G with precisely 88 diamonds.

This iPhone carries a tag of £4148 ($8224) - and so you are indeed lucky if you have that sort of cash to splash!

And there's even a version with 168 diamonds for £7800.

There is, however, another De Vere iPhone design containing 28 diamonds that costs £1700 ($3376).

But, believe or not, you have to supply your own iPhone.