Insider info from an O2 retail source is suggesting that the operator may open stores super early on the 11 July - the day the iPhone 3G launches in the UK - in order to help toward a "successful and painless" debut for the device.

An O2 staffer, apparently just briefed on the low-down for iDay, has apparently revealed that stores in the UK will open at 7am, while in the States recent rumours put the doors opening at 8am, a contrast from the 6pm (or in the UK, 6.02pm) evening launches the original iPhone saw.

In addition to the bright and early opening times, in seems every O2 shop in the UK from 1 July onwards will go live with the contract sign up process for the new iPhones, with both credit checking and contractual deets done in advance so subscribers can waltz in on the 11th and just collect their shiny new phones with no delay.