The iPhone is looking to replace your humble remote control with a new application that is due to launch when the App Store goes live in July.

Called Airremote, the software and accompanying box of tricks which will cost £150, will give you an interface on your iPhone or iPod touch that allows you to control your Sky digibox, TV and even the lights in your home.

The new system is looking to replace the all-in-one remote controls like the Philips Pronto and is available as a software only or kit offering.

While the software only system will work with any device that is Wi-Fi enabled, due to the iPhone or iPod touch not coming with an infrared receiver, users looking to use it with there TV or Sky box will have to connect a box that connects your Sky box with your wireless network to allow you to control it.

The makers, say that the software can also be used to control other devices such as lights or blinds and even the Kaleidescape home server system.

The new software will be available via the Apple App Store.