American channel ABC's Neal Karlinsky briefly interviewed Apple CEO Steve Jobs after the unveiling of the new iPhone 3G, and in particular on the topic of the new business focus for the handset.

Jobs claimed that the "business world" had already bought into the existing iPhone model, stating: "The business world has bought a lot of iPhones in the last year. There's a ton of CEOs and senior executives in most of the Fortune 500 companies that have iPhones".

Insisting there was a market for the iPhone in enterprise Jobs also said: "I think people love the iPhone and they want to use it in business".

Karlinsky asked the Apple boss: "Do you think that the iPhone can replace the Blackberry in many work environments? Is that something you strive for?"

Steve Jobs was super casual with his response: "Well, that's up to customers to decide. We're just going to give them the best iPhone we know how and they'll pick what they want".

Evidently not quite as relaxed on iPhone figures, when quizzed if the iPhone will meet Apple's goal of 10 million sold, Jobs replied: "Well, we've said several times we're confident we're going to meet the goal of selling 10 million iPhones in 2008".