Apple has revealed some of the forthcoming iPhone 2.0 applications to be available for the mobile phone via the App Store.

Demoed on stage first at the WWDC 08 event was "Super Monkey Ball" for the iPhone - this game was initially shown back in January at the MacWorld event - but now features 110 stages plus all four of the monkeys for the final game.

The Sega exec that showed the game off said that the iPhone's tilt control can handle "pin-point" acceleration and turning and that the "the tilt control works beautifully".

Contrary to reports earlier in the week suggesting games would be more expensive, it was revealed the game will be available at the launch of the App store for $9.99. Mac game developer Pangea Software also showed two games that are priced at $10, suggesting this will be the standard cost.

In addition an eBay auctions application was demonstrated live on stage that looks very similar to how full-fat eBay works but with a touch interface. Promoting the ease of use of the SDK, Apple boasted that this had been created within a 5-week period.

"Typepad" has also signed up going up against Sony Ericsson's Blogger tool that will allow you to blog on the go with text and photos. It will be available free at launch from the App store.

There will be many more applications to come - Steve Job stated that the software development kit for iPhone has now been downloaded over 250,000 times within a 95-day period.

More information about the practicalities of the App Store have also been revealed. Instead of the 22 countries the Store was due to be available in, Apple has extended the coverage to 62 countries - "almost anywhere in the world where there's an iPhone."

Applications of 10MB or less, will be available to be downloaded over cellular networks or Wi-Fi - as well as iTunes - or apps over 10MB in size will be Wi-Fi or iTunes only.