Specially developed games for the iPhone are one of the most exciting consumer-friendly services expected to come out of the soon to be launched App Store for the iPhone, with big name developers already on board to create titles.

Apple has not revealed its pricing policy for iPhone games, although it is known the company will skim a healthy 30% off the cost of all apps sold for the iPhone and iPod touch.

But it seems a small Spanish developer - who will demo their first iPhone game at the WWDC 08 event next week - has let slip how much pricing will be.

Pocketgamer.biz recently had a one to one with the CEO of LemonQuest, which is making a significant investment in iPhone development.

"We're going to see a new generation of games", Ignacio Cavero told the site. "Instead of being sold for 5 euros in Europe, they'll be closer to 10 or 12 euros. Take a look at what Apple is preparing for iPhone. Their games will be sold in iTunes for 17-18 euros."