As the tech world eagerly awaits Apple CEO Steve Jobs' keynote speech at the company's worldwide developer conference 2008 on Monday 9 June, Pocket-lint can reveal it won't be broadcast to journalists in the UK.

Although this news may not seem to affect the average consumer, it is an interesting development that could raise questions about what Jobs will discuss during his time on stage.

Traditionally Apple "simulcasts" keynote speeches to the UK and the rest of Europe, usually to a London location with the BBC centre being a popular choice in recent years, so that UK press can hear and see all the action, and announcements, at the same time as their US colleagues.

For the keynote on the 9 June, widely expected to be the launch pad of the 3G iPhone, Apple has confirmed to Pocket-lint it will not be offering a satellite link-up with San Fran, only the chance to watch the speech on the Apple website after the event.

This could suggest, contrary to what the world's press believe - and arguably for good reason - that Jobs' will not use his keynote to announce the launch of the 3G iPhone after all, or, that the UK will get be getting the 3G iPhone so far behind our American counterparts that a seperate event will be needed to remind us what it's all about.