Images of the supposed new 3G iPhone sporting a rounded black case have, for the time being, seem to have been crushed. is reporting that one of its Chinese readers in Hong Kong has emailed them pictures of not the new 3G model, but of a third-party case on sale in a shop for the current model that is identical to the rumour pic currently doing the rounds.

On Saturday, US gadget site Engadget, published what it said was a list of specs from the new phone due out later this year.

Aside from the promise of GPS, 3G and other expected features such as a headphone jack that was no longer recessed, listed amongst the details were that it would feature a glossy black design as in the previously rumoured photos.

Both sites however don't debunk the idea that the back of the new phone will not go black, however for now what we do know is that it's not likely to look the same as the black casing we've seen so far.

We will keep you posted.