Although O2 and retailer Carphone Warehouse recently reduced the price of the 8GB iPhone in the UK by £100 to £169, it seems Irish Apple fans are not going to enjoy the same discount.

Already feeling hard done by - the iPhone only launched in Ireland in March, some 5 months after it was available in the UK - the cost for the device was already higher over in the Emerland Isle.

O2 Ireland's compulsory 18-month tariffs were also criticised for being particularly uncompetitive and Irish users do not get free The Cloud Wi-Fi access, nor do they get Apple's "Visual Voicemail".

O2 has officially dashed hopes of imminent discount: "At present, we have no plans to introduce a similar promotional offer. However, as with all our products and services, we will continue to review our pricing strategy for the iPhone on an ongoing basis".