Apple has released the latest version of the software development kit for the iPhone and iPod touch with the release of the beta 3 version that comes with a new tutorial and has various bug fixes and "support for the latest iPhone OS".

There's something else of interest to iPhone watchers too - the new firmware for the device has unveiled references to a future 3G chip, as discovered by Zibri, maker of the ZiPhone iPhone tool.

The chipset is the SGOLD3, which follows up the current S-GOLD2 in today's iPhone and provides supports for HSDPA category 8 (7.2Mbps), cameras of up to 5-megapixels, MPEG4/H.263 hardware acceleration and "video telephony, streaming, recording and playback".

Apple may not be planning to cram all this into the next-gen iPhone, but now we know it would be possible...