American research company iSuppli Corp has taken a look at how iPhone owners spend quality time with their shiny devices.

The results are that American owners of the product are spending their time enjoying all its capabilities, i.e., voice, data communications and multimedia entertainment, rather than exclusively using it for traditional voice calls.

Owners of all types of mobile handsets use their phones for voice communications 71.7% of the time, according to research from iSuppli's ConsumerTrak survey but iPhone owners spend just 46.5% of their time on voice calls.

12.1% of iPhone usage time is spent accessing the Internet, a contrast with 2.4% for all mobile phones on average.

And, perhaps unsurprisingly considering the device's iPod-esque feature set, iPhone owners spent 11.9% of their usage time listening to music or other audio, compared to just 2.5% for all mobile handset users.

Email usage also came out higher on the iPhone with owners spending 10.4% of their time on this task, as opposed to 2.8% for all mobile phone subscribers.

"This usage pattern shows Apple has succeeded in producing a true convergence product that consumers like to use for multiple purposes", said Greg Sheppard, chief development officer for iSuppli.