Last week at CeBIT, there were rumours that Nav N Go was going to announce a version of its satnav software iGO MyWay 8 for the iPhone that will use an "upcoming yet to be announced iPhone GPS receiver".

No further news on when this receiver will arrive or who is making it, but here's a possible.

Relative unknown, PosiMotion has released an ad for what it claims will be the first wireless GPS accessory for the iPhone.

Dubbed "G-Fi", the "small, sleek package" (weight and dimensions withheld) comes with a cross-platform software bundle and will even work on any computer with a web browser and internet connection.

We don't know whether the product has been developed in conjunction with the recently announced iPhone SDK or not.

PosiMotion says full specifications and pre-order availability are "coming soon" but haven't said when.

But bloggers are suggesting that it may turn up at the same time at the next gen iPhone - so possibly June? We'll keep you posted.