At an Apple "town hall" meeting, at its headquarters in Cupertino, Steve Jobs has begun to officially lay out the route for the "iPhone Software Roadmap" starting with "enterprise" solutions.

Hoping to appeal to businesses around the world, Apple has announced that it is answering the demands of big business and adding support for a number of enterprise-friendly features to the multimedia handset.

The new features include push email, push calendar, push contacts, global address lists, Cisco IPsec VPN, Certificates and Identities, WPA2/802.1, enforced security policies, device configuration and remote wipe.

The iPhone will also be getting ActiveSync and Exchange support native to the handset as well as mail, calender and contacts with Microsoft Exchange accessible via the Mail setup menu.

Apple is hoping that move will help it push through to the 10 million sales figure that it has predicted it will sell of its mobile device by the end of the year.