We brought you the news earlier this week that the iPhone software developers kit, promised by Apple CEO Steve Jobs for February, was delayed - and it seems we were right.

But, according to invites just issued to American technology journalists, Apple may only miss the deadline by a week.

The company are holding an event, an Apple "town hall" meeting, at its headquarters in Cupertino, under the banner "iPhone Software Roadmap" on Thursday 6 March at 10am PST.

There are also "some exciting new enterprise features" promised, which some speculate could mean the iPhone getting corporate email friendly - an omission currently seen as one of the reasons the smartphone has not broken into the business world.

It's not clear at this early stage if this means the SDK will be ready next week, or if Apple, sensing unease at their missed deadline, are just having the event as a holding move whilst they rush to get the job done.

We will keep you informed...