PC World has announced that it will extend its 3 mobile broadband laptop discount offer to the new MacBook Air.

Customers signing up to the 18-month 3 mobile broadband tariff in-store at PC World will qualify for a discount of £250 off the cost of a MacBook Air (this compares to £350 off the cost of a Windows laptop).

Glenn Orchard, head of commercial development at PC World, said:

"The new MacBook Air is the ultimate portable laptop and this is the best deal on the market today. Combining the MacBook Air with the 3 Mobile Broadband service creates the ultimate mobile broadband experience, enabling proud owners to put their phenomenal laptop through its paces on the move. We're delighted to offer this unique combination, which we're sure will be a hit with Apple fans."

The 3 dongle connects to a computer via USB cable, so will work with the MacBook Air, unlike USB stick designs that are too fat to fit to the slimmed down laptop.

Stock of the MacBook Air is expected in a few days and customers can place pre-orders in-store at PC World now.