As was rumoured would happen, AT&T has announced that the Apple iPhone is now available on business tariffs.

The device still costs the same - $399 - the same 2-year contract tie-in is required and the phone still needs to be activated via iTunes.

The tariffs available come under "Enterprise Data Plan for iPhone" 200, 1500 or Unlimited with the numerals referring to the amount of included SMS messages.

All plans offer unlimited domestic data and visual voicemail, and the pricing bands are $45, $55 and $65.

Data Global Add-On are also offered with £24.99 getting users 20MB of data usage across 29 countries, and $59.99 offering 50MB.

In the UK O2 only currently offer the iPhone on consumer contracts with no business plan options available. We contacted them to see if they were planning to launch similar business rates, but it appears "not yet":

"The iPhone is currently only available on consumer eighteen-month contracts and not yet on business tariffs and contracts. Business customers can still buy an iPhone but they will need to take out a new 18-month consumer contract on an iPhone tariff."