The Boy Genius Report has received information from one of their "tipsters" that AT&T will be announcing that the Apple iPhone will be available on corporate and business accounts from January 21st.

Apparently to be available to both current as well as new corporate and business account holders, it will apparently also be possible to apply existing corporate discounts to iPhone contracts.

If it turns out to be true this will no doubt be welcome news to some, although many have maintained that the iPhone is not suitable for "proper" business use, partly due to lack of native support for push email (although workarounds exist) unlike its rivals in the smartphone arena, RIM's BlackBerry range, WinMob devices and even Palm offerings.

Pocket-lint got in touch with O2 in the UK to see if they had plans to make the iPhone an option for business customers, and this is the comment we received in reply:

"The iPhone is currently only available on consumer eighteen-month contracts and not yet on business tariffs and contracts. Business customers can still buy an iPhone but they will need to take out a new 18-month consumer contract on an iPhone tariff."