Researchers for Goldman Sachs have been looking into the immediate future for Apple after visiting with suppliers and manufacturers in Asia to get the inside info.

The main news to come out of this cross-continental visit is that Apple is apparently to release two revisions to the iPhone in 2008 - one minor, one major - as well as an overhaul to the struggling Apple TV.

Analyst David Bailey said: "Apple has several important new products lined up for 2008", and that the second-gen iPhone, that we have had confirmed from the big man Steve Jobs himself, is currently in "final design phase".

The new version of the handset will have "a similar form factor as the current version although it could have a different look and will probably include 3G capability".

Contrary to other reports on the matter, Bailey says the 3G iPhone will launch in the second half of 2008, but that consumers can look forward to "a smaller upgrade with more flash memory earlier in the year".

Bailey also revealed that "Apple will be making changes to Apple TV" in the latter half of 2008 "which could include an LCD display".

He did not however, get the scoop on the much-rumoured ultra-portable MacBook: "Apple will refresh its entire Mac line-up throughout 2008, but information about the potential launch of a subnotebook was scarce, with one supplier saying that the product may be pushed out, citing possible design issues".