A senior manager at Telefonica, the parent company of O2, has apparently been spilling the beans on some iPhone secrets.

Revelations from the source, via Spanish co "SevenClick" reveal secrets about revenue sharing handset shortages and the golden egg - the 3G iPhone.

The reason Spain is behind the UK, Germany and soon, France, in getting the Apple mobile is said to be down to handset demand, as Apple could not supply enough handsets to cover more territory launches inside of 2007.

Regarding the revenue sharing Telefonica are trying to negotiate "down" to a 30% deal, although reports vary, it's thought O2 in the UK could be handing over as much as 40%.

And that 3G iPhone? May. That's the word from this mysterious source. We do know a 3G iPhone is on the horizon in 2008 - Steve Jobs confirmed as much at the UK press launch ("You can expect a 3G iPhone later next year") but timescale, as ever with Apple, has remained secret.