Apple has confirmed that it has plenty more upgrades to come for the Apple iPhone.

"All the complaints and feature requests we've had can be fixed and added by software upgrades", a spokesman for the company told Pocket-lint.

The news will come as a relief to new customers who bought the company's mobile phone over the weekend and may have been disappointed by some of its limitations.

Apple representatives told Pocket-lint: "We didn't want to include something for something's sake".

Since its launch in the US in June, Apple has been criticised for leaving out some key functionality, like the ability to record video via the included digital camera and greater Bluetooth support beyond voice functionality.

"For the average mobile phone most people only use around 10%, Apple didn't want that to happen with the iPhone."

However some commentators believe that not including all the software features from day one will allow the company to entice new customers over the next couple of months.

"They [Apple] aren't stupid. They won't want to give you everything at once. You wait, there will an exciting partnership with YouTube that adds video functionality
and then lets you upload to the site in no time", an industry insider told Pocket-lint.

Others however believe the answer is more simple than that:.

"If the reason to upgrade the software each time is compelling enough, then you are less likely to hack the software, meaning Apple gets to earn the substantial revenue agreement it has with the official operator," another source told us.

We will keep you posted.