So Apple's infamous mobile phone - the iPhone - is finally available to purchase in the UK. £269 and an 18-month contract with O2 will get UK subjects a shiny new Apple toy.

It's been a long wait for fans here in the UK, the device was announced at Macworld in January, launched in the States in June, and finally became available today, the 9th November.

In that time we've seen more rumours we could shake an iPod at, scandal and fan revolt on an anti-Apple scale not seen in recent times.

The iPhone has brought consumer electronics more into the mainstream than even the seminal iPod did, and for that we're thankful to Steve Jobs and co.

This launch feels a bit like the end of an era, but we know that there's plenty, plenty more to come from the tech world to excite us all.

Google's intriguing Android mobile operating system beckons, the twists and turns of the HD DVD versus Blu-ray battle continue to fascinate and we're all waiting to see if those Apple iTablet rumours bear fruit.

Here at Pocket-lint, we hope you've enjoyed our "iPhone Week" coverage in the lead up to the launch, we've certainly enjoyed producing it for you.

We've taken this opportunity to round up some of our fave bits from the last week, check the links below for some highlights.