Here on Pocket-lint we revealed that Apple would officially release the 1.1.2 firmware update for the iPhone on 9th November, and it seems some US bloggers managed to get an early trial.

Although the new firmware will be offered as an optional update via iTunes for iPhone owners on the 9th, it is available now online to download too for those who don't want to wait.

The Engadget bloggers "sacrificed" an iPhone to see what the new version offers - and more crucially to many - to see if it would "relock" an unlocked iPhone.

It seems that the new features are as we had reported - lots of new language support and characters but, this comes at a price for anyone who has chosen to unlock their device.

Apple has patched the TIFF exploit that allowed the really simple solution to easily open the phone to third party applications.

An update for the iPod touch is now also available that now gives users the options to edit the calendar.