According to T3, when the UK iPhone launches on Friday, it will come with a new version of firmware, v 1.1.2.

Backed up by an "independent" report from MacRumours, this means that any iPhone bought through official channels in the UK, so through an Apple store, O2 or The Carphone Warehouse, will very likely be impervious to the current unlock methods available.

The update "closes the so-called TIFF exploit", which was the software loophole used by hackers to "jailbreak" the previous firmware version 1.1.1.

As well as shipping the new iPhones with the update, Apple is expected to release it as an iTunes update on Friday too for existing owners - which means it's also highly likely any unlocked phones will be re-bricked and unofficial third party apps removed.

So, do current users need to update their device? 1.1.2 offers support for 12 languages, including special characters and access to The Cloud Wi-Fi spots for UK users.

So what does this mean for UK consumers who were hoping to buy an Apple iPhone on Friday in order to unlock it?

It is inevitable that the stalwart hacker community will soon find a way round this latest firmware, but it doesn't look like you'll be playing with an unlocked iPhone over next weekend...