BookRabbit is a free, and easy to use, book locator service for your iPhone.

The service, new to the UK this month, gives people details of where their nearest bookshop is, based on a postcode or location.

It's location specific, so it doesn’t matter where you are searching from as Book Rabbit will automatically find the nearest book store to you.

The service is also available for any internet-enabled phone, as well as the iPod touch, and it uses Google's Mapping service to give satellite and detailed geographical data.

There are plans to grow the service quickly - stores will be able to upload their inventory, so customers can find out exactly how close they are to the book they want.

There will also be bookshop reviews and event details soon. With this in mind, the claim that it will be key reference site in every book-lover's pocket seems very probable.

And - for anyone suffering from flashbacks viewing the map image to the right - the logo's similarity to that of the old Hutchison Whampoa Rabbit phone service appears to be purely coincidence.