As part of our extended iPhone coverage in the run up to the device's launch on the 9th November, everyday until the UK's "iDay" we will bring you one iPhone accessory that we think is worth considering.

Perfect for the more sporty among us, we think XtremeMac's SportWrap is one such product.

The XtremeMac SportWrap is designed to be worn on your arm, you can fit your iPhone in the case while the rest of your necessary bits and pieces - such as keys or money - go in the SportWrap pouch.

So whether you're running, gyming it or cycling the case should keep your music, and your phone to hand. Or should that be "to arm"?

The armband is constructed of high-grade neoprene and includes a moisture-resistant lining to protect your iPhone.

SportWrap protects the face of your iPhone while allowing full functionality of the touchscreen display.

Access to the headphone jack is made simple with a perfectly positioned opening in the case, while the material is soft enough to allow control of the volume, ring and sleep switches.

Best of all? It's only £14.99 and available now.