AM Micro has announced the release of Armor for the iPhone, from Matias, the makers of laptop and iPod Armor.

Using the same materials as they did with the Laptop and iPod Armor, Matias have created this protective shell for the iPhone from aircraft-grade aluminium.

Although it is protected from bumps and scratches, it still allows full access to the screen, sleep buttons, headphone socket, volume and docking ports.

It weighs 35 grams thanks to the lightweight shell, and the neoprene lining instead of heavy padding. This means that if the iPhone is dropped, the Armor will absorb the shock to minimise damaging to the iPhone.

Matias have also included a 360 degree swivel belt clip and lanyard that they say is handy if you are short on pockets, although both are, thankfully, optional.

The Armor is available from now for £14.95 from AM Micro.