The dust has settled after Apple released the version 1.1.1 update for the iPhone and reports are coming in regarding the results after what the threat from Apple of unlocked iPhones becoming "permanently inoperable".

A "semi-brick" status is apparently the case for some who do not seem to be able to reactivate their previously unlocked phones, even when trying to do so using an official AT&T SIM card.

The lethal update, delivered via iTunes, which was completely new firmware for the device, has relocked all previously unlocked iPhones, regardless of the method of unlock, with users reporting "Incorrect SIM" messages after their phones restarted following the update.

This was to be expected, but what was not necessarily expected is that all third party applications, "widgets" owners had downloaded to their phones such as useful tools, features not available via Apple, as well as games, appear to have been completely removed.

Apple previously stated that they were taking a "neutral" stance on third party apps, something that industry insiders saw as miserly considering the reason these applications were developed in the way they are is due to Apple refusing to release the SDK for the phone.

One user, posting on a blog forum stated: "ALL IS GONE!! I had my ATT iPhone hacked at fullest running NES, Summerboard, Customize, Finder, Preview, all the wonderful lil hacks and now they are all gone! I am going to start it up all over again guys".

On the plus side, the update did deliver iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store, a louder speakerphone, home button double-click shortcuts, Apple Bluetooth battery status, preference to turn off EDGE when roaming, and support for TV out, among other features and bug fixes.