Following the statement earlier this week that warned that unlocked iPhones could become permanently damaged following further iTunes-delivered software updates, Apple has now released iTunes 1.1.1.

The 152.3MB update adds new features such as the Wi-Fi iTunes store and includes bug fixes. According to Apple's release notes this supersedes all previous versions.

Apple offers this warning on the update info: "If you have modified your phone's software, applying this update may result in your iPhone becoming permanently inoperable".

Only time will tell what this update will do to unlocked iPhones - we'll have to sit and wait for the reports to come in to see whether there's folks out there that now own what's been dubbed an iBrick.

That's if anyone with an unlocked handset is foolhardy enough to try it, but that Wi-Fi angle - especially with all those free songs at Starbucks - sure is tempting...