is reporting that Apple will not release a 3G iPhone until next year. Its sources, "people familiar with the production plans" say a Q1 2008 launch is planned for a faster iPhone.

The suggested timing of this news, when viewed in the context of the very recent deal Apple made with wireless tech company InterDigital, a 7-year agreement to provide wireless technology - possibly 3G/HSDPA - for the company's iPhone as well as any future handsets, makes sense.

If true, this will be a blow for those hoping for to see the launch of a 3G iPhone today, only really an outside chance, but us Europeans are much more used to the better speeds 3G offers over the iPhone's EDGE connectivty.

Apple are holding a special press conference at their Regent Street store in London today, with the only clue as to what might be announced the cryptic phrase "Mum is no longer the word", it's widely believed to the launch of the iPhone in the UK.

TheStreet speculates that the two complaints with the iPhone - high purchase price and slow EDGE connections - are being addressed by the Cupertino company, but there will be more surprise tweaks to come.

Even more exciting for Apple-fans and gadget lovers is the news that this forthcoming 3G handset will come complete with GPS - Apple is apparently planning to use Broadcom's Global Locate unit to supply "assisted GPS" chips for the phone that use a combination of satellite and cellular antenna signals for location finding.

Pocket-lint will be reporting live from Apple's Regent Street press conference from 10am today, so stay tuned to site to find out what Apple has in store for this mysterious launch...