The excitement for the Apple launch tomorrow has ratched up a notch with the news that Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, is in London.

Giving weight to the speculation that this is a the big iPhone-in-Europe launch, it's very unlikely a small event would warrant the presence of Mr Jobs.

Apple is famously secretive about press conferences and product announcements so no-one really knows exactly what will be revealed at the Regent Street Apple store tomorrow but it's highly likely to be the iPhone for Europe.

The official invite to the event states only "Mum is no longer the word" which we took to suggest that Apple will break their silence of details of the handset.

O2 are hotly tipped as having won the contract away from rival operators - and have apparently signed away 40% of profits to Apple in order to do so.

News from AppleInsider backs up the it's-a-biggie speculation, they have discovered that the Regent Street Apple store for the event will open later on the day - which, if you're trying not to get too excited, could be seen as a way to make up for the public closure of the shop.

If you were happy to get excited though, you could see this, and the news that Apple staff have been asked to arrive early for a 90-minute briefing - that it's big news indeed.

Pocket-lint will be front row for the Apple announcement tomorrow, whatever it may be, and will bring you all the news as it happens, so keep it here.