Things have really gone crazy in the iPhone unlock arena - only days after the news that the iPhonesimfree unlock was on sale in the UK, a free online guide has been published.

A collaborative effort by a whole host of hacker types, known as the iPhone Dev Team, this new guide gives you a step by step guide to freeing an iPhone from AT&T's 2-year shackles.

Some consumers who do want an unlocked holy handset, but fear the fairly in-depth tech knowledge required in order to DIY the hack themselves may chose to pay out the £40 to the iPhonesimfree crowd.

What will be interesting is to see if Apple respond to this massively significant news. They recently very quickly issued a second iTunes update after a work-around of the first version, which enabled official ringtones on the iPhone, was posted online.

Industry insiders and Mac watchers speculate that Apple could issue updates that would render the current software unlocks useless (and indeed this is in the small print from iPhonesimfree) but chose not to in order to encourage hardware sales. Watch this space...