The iPhone unlock from the American has gone global.

The company has sold on their unlocking solution to other companies around the world for consumers to purchase.

Sites in Australia, Germany, Saudi Arabia and - yes - the UK are now offering the service.

The site offering the UK solution "iPhoneunlocked" has been impossible to get onto due to bandwidth issues, we assume because of too many folk flocking there.

We will keep trying and update this story as and when we can find out more, so check back later.

The US price for the unlock is $99, so the assumption would be that it will cost around the 50 quid mark in the UK.

The site states: "iPhonesimfree is the only pure software solution available for iPhone unlocking. Easy to use, requiring less than 5 minutes".

Weblog Engadget has tried the unlock and reports that it does work.

STORY UPDATE: We've been in touch with who offer the unlock in the UK.

They say "the site has received an amazing amount of hits today, it will be back on line as soon as possible".

They have confirmed the price at £39.99.