Apple's iPhone has outsold all other smartphones in the month of July in the US.

According to a study from iSuppli, the Apple iPhone’s first full month of sales proved to scoop up 1.8% of US mobile handset sales, beating those of all other smartphones combined from Palm, BlackBerry makers RIM, Samsung and Nokia.

iPhone sales even equalled those of LG's Chocolate phone in the US the report states.

"While iSuppli has not collected historical information on this topic, it's likely that the speed of the iPhone's rise to competitive dominance in its segment is unprecedented in the history of the mobile-handset market", iSuppli told Reuters.

iSuppli says its data was gathered through an online survey of around 2 million participants and represents a mostly male, under 35, university graduate demographic.

The “coolness” factor is, says the analyst firm, what is driving the sales of the model over technology in the box.