The results of ChangeWave Alliance reader survey of Apple iPhone owners carried out in July show that 77% of iPhone owners are "very satisifed" with their purchase.

Another 15% say they are "somewhat satisfied" which gives a combined 92% positive satisfaction rating that ChangeWave claims is the best they've seen for a mobile phone.

Fears that like certain other Apple products in the past, the first gen version would need serious improvements seem to be allayed by these results.

The next closest manufacturers to the Apple iPhone in terms of customer satisfaction fro past surveys were RIM (50% very satisfied) and Sanyo (48% very satisfied).

When asked: What do you like best about your iPhone? Two-thirds of iPhone owners surveyed said integration of phone, iPod and internet browser, while 45% liked the touchscreen interface.

The speed of AT&T's EDGE network was the biggest dislike with 35% of people disappointed. Other negative mentions were the fact that the iPhone can't copy and paste text (23%) and that it doesn't support third-party software (23%).

Nearly nine-in-ten owners said they would recommend the Apple device to a friend or colleague.