A number of iPhone touchscreens appear to be developing some rather nasty problems.

iPhone users posting on Apple's support forums say that the problems happen "without warning".

According to reports, a half-inch section of the screen that spans the width of the device goes dead and won't respond to touch.

Those familiar with the issues say that the problem appears to be irreparable resets or by trying the latest software update from Apple.

"The bottom of my screen lost sensitivity after only about 20 days of use", says one user on Apple's support forums.

"First the very bottom of the screen went out so I could not hit the space-bar on the keyboard, or change to the number / character screen."

"Then it got worse a few days later, now I cannot hit any of the main function buttons."

Apple has not formally recognised the problem but it apparently resorting to x-treeem customer service tactics to sort out disgruntled users.

Presumably in the hope of avoiding a mini-media frenzy, Apple support personnel are monitoring activity and pro-actively getting in touch with customers.

"Today I am in awe of Apple Support", one iPhone user wrote on the site.

"This may not be true for everyone, but (I) got an unsolicited call at my office from Apple Support on this issue."

"They were helpful and we put together a return on the phone."

This kind of service may seem as "awesome" to some but others might find it intrusive.

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