The rumours that Apple is planning a nano version of the iPhone (i.e., cheaper, less features and possibly smaller) have been floating around cyberspace for while now.

Further fueling the rumours was a patent for an iPhone slash nano type device, with a scroll wheel rather than a full touchscreen, that was spotted when filed by Apple recently.

So far, so what. But the whisperings have gained a bit more credence now with a possible date suggested by an industry expert.

Kevin Chang, a JP Morgan analyst in Taiwan has produced a report, citing unnamed sources, that Apple will release a nano-esque iPhone in the fourth quarter of this year, just in time for the "holidays".

An arguments for oh-yes-they-will is that Apple has traditionally launched "lite" versions of their products (iPod mini, nano, shuffle, mac mini, etc.) to broaden their appeal to a wider customer base.

Scoffing from the oh-no-they-won't corner considers the outstanding success the iPhone has proved to be so far.

Apple don't


to offer a cheaper iPhone, and the whole selling point of the device (aside from conspicuous consumers loving that sexy Apple logo) is that


so fully featured.

So, in conclusion dear readers, Apple either will or won't launch an iPhone nano device, possibly at the end of this year, possibly not.