As if to tantalise us about the unconfirmed status of the iPhone in the UK, a listing for the iPhone has briefly appeared on

The listing in itself isn't amazing - has listed the phone as "coming soon" practically since it launched.

What is interesting is that the price for the handset is shown as £329 for the 8GB version, with the device available on 1st December.

No operator was mentioned, and Amazon has sinced revised the page so all that now appears is a option to be emailed when more information is available.

Info on the page shows the sales rank as 1019 in the Electronics & Photo category, poor show indeed, with two customers reviews rating it as four out of five.

A product shot accompanying the specs section is an older image, showing the phone with eleven icons on the screen, rather than the twelve the phone had at launch, which would perhaps suggest that the assets aren't from Apple direct.

The most likely explanation is that is was a trial product page made live by mistake, but you can't help thinking - what do they know that we don't?