News, that comes from an anonymous full-time employee in ATT Mobilty’s Commerce Group, suggests that one million iPhone activations have been completed.

It's certainly not a stretch to believe this impressive stat - Wall Street analysts have put the sales figure estimates from earlier this week at 700,000.

Apple's online iPhone stock indicator has shown supplies of the phone dwindling nationwide, while AT&T have sold out already.

Going on the 50% profit mark up that most have credited Apple's handset with, this means, as a very low estimate, that Apple will have coined a phenomenal $250 million in profit from the iPhone's first week of sales.

It was rumoured that it would be today that Apple would announce one million iPhone sales - and at the same time reveal which mobile phone operator would get the golden-iPhone-egg exclusive sales deal for our fair continent.

Us Euro-types just want Apple to


announce those UK slash Euro carriers for the iPhone so we can go back to normal (well, at least until the durn thing launches).