What with it being iDay an' all, Apple has updated the iPhone area of its US site to show info and pics of the official iPhone accessories available at launch.

Among the accessories, there is dual dock ($49) that can charge both the phone and the headset, finally ending one will-it-won't-it discussion for good.

Also available is that Bluetooth headset for a now-confirmed price of $129 and some stereo headphones will call answering capabilites (just $29).

Cables, plugs, and adapters make up the rest of the bits on sale.

There's also an Apple caveat on the page warning that any iPod chargers, speakers and accessories will probably only work with the iPhone in aeroplane safe mode (i.e., the phone disabled) unless you want to suffer audio interference.

So that's going to mean that iPhoneys are going to have to buy a whole new set of "Made for iPhone" toys ... Ouch.

There is also an iTunes 7.3 update which is a required download in order to be able to activate the iPhone via iTunes.