Apple and AT&T have finally revealed the full details of the iPhone tariffs just ahead of the handset's launch in three day's time.

The plans are simple but vary in terms of pricing for inclusive minutes:

$59.99 – 450 minutes
$79.99 – 900 minutes
$99.99 – 1350 minutes
$119.99 – 2000 minutes
$169.99 – 4000 minutes
$219.99 – 6000 minutes

To give you a rough idea of what that translates to in sterling, the cheapest plan is approx £30 and the most expensive the equivalent of about £110.

However users will still have to buy the phone (starting at $499), sign up to a 2-year contract, and pay a $36 activation fee.

All plans include 200 text messages, visual voicemail, unlimited data for email and the web, unlimited mobile to mobile calling and let you rollover your minutes.

Existing AT&T customer can keep their current talk plans but add the iPhone Data Plan with unlimited data and Visual Voicemail for $20 per month.

There are also "Family plan" options that we assume are discounted for multiple iPhone owners in one household.

In addition to plans being unveiled, there is now a video on the Apple site taking potential customers through the iPhone activation process.

Once Americans have risked being trampled to grab an iPhone, the rest of the process can be done in the safety of their own home. Activation is all done through iTunes, customers just connect their iPhone and go through a simple looking auto set-up that allows you transfer your existing number.

The activation process will also encourage users to sync data like contacts and calender information alongside music and videos.

A PS for any Brits even vaguely considering hopping over the States to pick up one of new mobiles (or buying one on eBay) – you need a social security number to activate the AT&T side of things, and we don't think your national insurance number will do it.