Apple has announced that software developers will be able to create third party applications for its new iPhone, which is due to be released in the US at the end of this month, as rumoured on the internet last week.

Announcing the news at the WWDC in San Francisco, Steve Jobs, Apple CEO, said that developers will be able to create applications via the full Safari engine on the phone rather than having to code software that will work directly with the handset.

The move, which not only means that Apple will be able to keep the phones interface secure, will also mean that developers will be able to use standard Web 2.0 + AJAX coding to create apps that will be able to be integrated with the iPhone services whether it's making a call, checking email or looking up a location on Google Maps.

Hoping to empower developers further, Apple who also confirmed that there is no secret 12th application, has said there will be no Software Developers Kit (SDK) needed just the need to understand web standards.

"Third party apps can be live from day one", resounded Jobs. "This is how Google do it, how Saleforce do it and it means that the phone will stay secure."