Sharp-eyed Mac watchers have spotted that Apple has removed the "Use requires minimum new 2 year activation plan" disclaimer from their new iPhone adverts.

Apparently the disclaimer was present on the initial set of three adverts shown in the States on Sunday, but it no longer appears on the ads being broadcast, or on the adverts on the Apple website.

This change has prompted more speculation that Apple will sell the phone on a variety of plans, including some kind of pay as you go service, rather than demand a 2-year commitment to an AT&T contract.

We reported back in May that this might be a possibility, after "newly surfaced internal AT&T account codes" suggested that a non-contract option might be introduced.

Hype, bordering on hysteria, is now growing for the iPhone's imminent release on 29 June so it seems unlikely that the Apple/AT&T execs should deem it necessary to make the device more desirable by u-turning on the must-have contract clause.