Although details are very much yet to be confirmed both in the States and even more so here in Blighty, reports on the interweb are suggesting that Apple's iPhone may be available from launch on a pay as you go basis.

Techie news site the Boy Genius Report claims to have evidence from "newly surfaced internal AT&T account codes" (AT&T are the confirmed iPhone operator partner in the US) that suggest the iPhone will be available on three different types of package.

The Boy Genuis states the three packages are likely to be "Go Phone Pay As You Go subscribers, Go Phone Pick Your Plan subscribers (hybrids) and of course postpaid users".

It was earlier assumed that the iPhone might only be available to customers if they signed up for a two-year contract, such was the perceived desirability of the handset.

It's possible that Apple and AT&T may have been forced to back down from this kind of take-it-or-leave it policy after survey results in the States showed that although customers (especially existing iPod owners) would be very interested in owning an iPhone, most would be happy to wait until it became cheaper and less exclusive.

A recent European survey by British research company Canalys revealed nearly half of current iPod owners on this side of the pond would consider the iPhone as their next handset.