It was inevitable.

It was only a matter time, but it has now begun.

The first of the iPhone peripherals are being brought to market ready for what will almost certainly be an onslaught of products nearer the time.

These ezSkins, from ezGear, designed for the iPhone will be available in June when the iPhone is due to hit stores in the US.

Made of silicone, promising a perfect fit and a special "silky smooth" coating to repel dirt, all ezSkins provide access to all ports, buttons, and switches on the phone.

There are three types available, the ezSkin for iPhone, a slim-line protective case with a transparent screen protector, a separate removable belt holster (please don't), access for all ports, a protective flap for the iPhone’s dock connector, and a removable neck strap (again, don’t).

ezSkin Bumpers for iPhone protects the handset with a thin transparent film while the bumper bits go around the edges the iPhone to give shock protection.

The ezSkin EExtreme for iPhone gives you ultra protection and includes extra thick corners and sides to provide better shock and drop protection.

We supposed if you've waited like, forever, to get your hands on one of Apple's sexy new phones and shelled out a monkey for it (in dollars anyway) you're going to want to protect it. That big ol' screen does look a little vulnerable…