There hasn't been a week without further reports on the iPhone, rumours and speculation around delay and technical problems now also lay claim that two versions maybe released.

With the European launch of the iPhone set for Autumn 2006, just in time for Christmas, net warblers reckon that the phone will be split into two models. One we've heard all about and a second with a fundamental difference, 3G.

It seems that Apple may not want to miss out on the growth and popularity of 3G and it's suggested that the manufacturer has decided to include the feature into the European model.

The missing element of 3G caused a bit of a forure during 3GSM when the phone was unveiled, how far any of this is true is yet to be officially announced.

However, we are still waiting to find out when and where it will be available exactly in the UK and what it will mean for mobile networks call plans and tariffs.